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“I am very grateful to have Mr. Handi as my guest of speaker for talent management conference. His insightful presentation and his personal traits brought new insights of a young global leader. Both his style, his substance, review of the matter truly impressed me and the participants. No doubt that he brings an excitement and fun too during the conference. Thanking him so much for a great contribution toward my 1st conference. I am highly delighted to work with him again in future.” – Nursyawani, Conference Organizer from Malaysia

Drawing on his international experience, Handi has been invited to speak, facilitate session, train and become moderator & MC to distinguished audiences in a variety of venues. He is praised for being practical, entertaining, relevant and effective for its audiences.

Handi’s most popular topic include:

  • Career Management
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Cross Cultural Management / Working accross cultures
  • International Management
  • Leadership / Leading accross borders
  • Motivational speech
  • Managerial Skills
  • Transition Management
  • Talent Management