Guide to a successful international career

Handi Kurniawan
Hard Cover: 225 pages
Publisher: Gramedia
Language: Bahasa Indonesia

“Buku wajib untuk profesional, pelajar, dan siapa saja yang punya mimpi untuk Go-Global”

Banyak yang bercita-cita memiliki karir Internasional atau paling tidak merasakan pengalaman bekerja dalam lingkungan multinasional. Beberapa orang dapat berhasil namun lebih banyak yang akhirnya hanya menggantungkan mimpinya.

Yang tidak dapat dihindari adalah dunia ini semakin terkoneksi seiring dengan perkembangan sosial, ekonomi, dan teknologi. Indonesia pun perlu berperan aktif di dalamnya. Apabila Anda tidak waspada dan berhenti belajar serta mengembangkan diri, besar kemungkinan Anda dapat tertinggal.

Buku Go-Global, Guide to a successful international career akan membawa Anda untuk membangun kualifikasi Internasional, mengembangkan pola pikir global, dan menjadikan Anda orang yang sukses tanpa meninggalkan akar budaya Anda.

Handi Kurniawan memberikan pencerahan dan tips-tips praktis mengenai:

1. Persiapan penting sebelum Go-Global
2. Hal-Hal yang berkaitan dalam merintis karir Internasional dan memenangkan persaingan global.
3. Kisah sukses dari mereka yang telah berhasil Go-global yang akan semakin memperkaya pengetahuan Anda.

Think BIG, Make it happen!

“A must read book for professional, students, and everybody who has a dream to Go-Global”

There are many people who aspire to have international career or at least having opportunities to experience working in multinational environment. Some people succeeded but many could not. Eventually they just hang their dream down.

One thing couldn’t be avoided is the world is getting more and more connected with the advancement in social, economy and technology. Indonesia need to be proactively participate in this dynamic world. If you are not cautious and stop learning and developing yourself, you will be left behind.

Go-Global, Guide to an international career will help you in building your international qualification, developing a global mindset, and becoming a successful person without losing your roots.

Handi Kurniawan will enlighten and provide you practical tips about:

1. Essential preparation before you Go Global.
2. What you wanted to know about the global opportunities and winning in global competition
3. Inspirational stories from the global citizens.

Think BIG, Make it happen!

“Indonesia has abundant natural resources, a booming domestic market, and a growing workforce. Being one of the most-watched countries in the global investment radar, we need to play offense by expanding our presence globally, so we are not just becoming a potential market for foreign institutions. To be able to compete and win in the global competition, having the right mind-set, drive to deliver results, innovative thinking, agility and the ability to work effectively across cultures have become more crucial.

I have been observing Handi’s work. He is very passionate at what he does, is an excellent communicator, and has the flexibility, which allows him to work well with people across various cultures. I’m very pleased that he is sharing his knowledge and experience, and I hope this book can benefit those who want to advance their career and Go Global.”

- Jesslyne Widjaja, Executive Director of Sinarmas Agribusiness & Food

 “As Indonesia breaks through the ranks and becomes a member of the Trillion dollar GDP group of economies, it is critical that its citizens adopt an equally global, open and progressive mindset. Handi’s book is a wonderful source of inspiration, an insightful source of practical tips, and a must-read for anyone looking to advance their careers and become a more effective leader.”

- John Riady, Executive Director of Lippo Group, Dean & Associate Professor Faculty of Law of Universitas Pelita Harapan

 ”The JAIMS Ohana (Family) is proud that it outstanding graduate, Handi Kurniawan, is sharing his knowledge, experiences, and words of wisdom with those who aspire to a successful international career. The world is getting smaller and smaller, but the ability to effectively respond to the increasing challenges of global management, especially the complex intangible issues, requires a different kind of leader.  ’Go Global’ is a must read.”

- Blair M. T. Odo, Ph.D., President of JAIMS

“I see Indonesia as the face of the new South-East Asia that is more confident and promising. Handi is a face that represents this new Indonesia, a diverse country whose time has come. I am confident that this book will benefit people from Indonesia and beyond who yearn to understand what a global career is all about. While there is no turning back on the globalization process, it is still open to you to shape it. Are you going to be just affected by it or will you take part in globalization to define it? The choice is yours. However, after reading Handi’s personal experience that spans across the continents, I am sure you will choose to follow his trailblazing steps too. You will find both practical tips and motivational stories to move your heart. May you succeed like him too!”

- Moi Kok Wah, South-East Asia Regional Consultant

“Leadership today takes more than the basics. Integrity, competency, strategic thinking, and the discipline of execution continue to be important. I see Handi’s experience in working  effectively with people across cultures and leading   diverse team during his international assignments, is clearly reflected in the book. I believe this book will be very useful  for anyone who wants to broaden the horizons in this more connected world.”

- Shiv Shanker, Group Head of Product Delivery, Talent and Learning of Standard Chartered Bank

“I have a nice experience to work together with Handi in General Electric, the place where globalization really works well, and the ability to mobile become one of the key success for its employee’s professional career.

Handi is the person with full of passion, in everything he does. I admire his ability to adapt and work in a changing culture and environment. With his extensive work experiences in some global companies in various countries, he is the model who proves to us that an Indonesian has competency and capability to work globally and having a successful international career. 

If you are a good person, you will be a good person anywhere you go.  
Congratulations Handi for this very inspiring book!”

- Iwan Hadiantoro, Chief Group Treasury and Investor Relations of PT. Astra International Tbk

“Handi brings an interesting perspective to the ingredients required for a successful international career. Indonesia is a country on the rise and in need of quality talent who can think global and implement with local wisdom to fulfil its potential.  He often shares his brilliant insights during our informal conversations. Read his book to find out more and ready to Go-Global!”

- Dino Tan, Southeast Asia Regional Director of Singapore Economic Development Board

“My memory with Handi traces back to 2009 when we participated EWKLP(East-West Knowledge Leaders Program) together in Hawaii. Since then, my observation has been that he undoubtedly proves himself an enthusiastic and professional global citizen. I sincerely hope his publication rings a deep bell to young and talented Indonesians dreaming of international career in this global era. As he points out in a right way, yes, ‘Indonesia is on the world’s investor radar’ now.”

- Bang Junghwan, Marketing Director of NHC in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, Former Journalist of Maeil Business Newspaper in Seoul

“This book is a practical guide for everyone who wants to have a successful international career. It lays out the critical challenges faced by so many Indonesians, including confidence and open mindset. The chapter on humility caught my attention; it’s often perceived as a ‘cultural’ strength, yet it could also well be a weakness in the global environment. Handi provides fact-based argument that will leave us no option; but to immediately take tangible actions!”

- Danu Wicaksana, Consultant at International Company

“Pintu masuk agar bisa tampil di forum internasional adalah berpenampilan baik. Handi Kurniawan, salah satu best dressed real men majalah Esquire sudah membuktikannya. Setelah masuk, apa yang harus kita lakukan? Inilah buku yang mampu mengungkapkan rahasianya sehingga siapapun yang ingin sukses secara global, wajib membacanya.”

- Dwi Sutarjantono, Editor in Chief Esquire Indonesia, Editor at Large Hello Indonesia, Editor at Large Fitness For Men